For those of you that have known me through the days of SG-Motorport, welcome to OnPoint. For those I have not yet met, welcome to you too! I am really excited about this new venture and have spent a great deal of time planning and getting everything ready. I am really approaching OnPoint with a different perspective than I did with SG. I am sure you will notice the attention to detail the first time you use our services.

OnPoint is an entirely mobile dyno system – we can come to you wherever you are  around the GTA, and if you need a place to bring your vehicle to dyno or tune we can offer you that as well through a partner shop. We use a Dynapack DP4 two wheel drive dyno that is capable of reading over 1200HP. In the future if there is a demand we will consider adding onto the machine to make it AWD capable. The Dynapack really is the best of the best out there when it comes to dynos. Safety, repeatability, accuracy – it is unmatched. My experience with Dynapack and other dynos is the reason I didn’t even think twice about which dyno to purchase when planning OnPoint’s startup.


OnPoint’s Dynapack DP4 Chassis Dyno

We will be up and running accepting appointments starting March 4th 2012, so if you would like dyno time or a tuning appointment please checkout the schedule to make an appointment. Most of our equipment has already arrived, but the shipment of the trailer and dyno will not arrive until the middle of February. The wait will be worth it!

I plan to continue racing in 2013, and have a number of exciting things lined up for the year. As usual I will be reporting on all of our racing adventures through this website. As you may know we had an incredible year in 2012, and you can read all about it on this website in the category Racing Stories. You will notice that all of the SG-Motorsport content is still here, so please enjoy browsing through some of the classic posts.

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to bringing you a new service focused dyno and tuning experience. I am sure you won’t find one like it anywhere else. Please enjoy the rest of the site to learn about the services we offer, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments.


Sasha Anis
Founder of OnPoint Dyno Ltd.