Race Services


At OnPoint Dyno, we offer a number of services to help your racing team be as successful as possible. Over the years OnPoint’s founder, Sasha Anis, has developed a number of specialized skills that have been used to help many racing teams win. These range from offering driving services both for competition and for vehicle setup, as well as driver coaching. We have also had a lot of success coaching both young and experienced drivers through data analysis, and video. Finally, Sasha Anis has also found himself as a team manager and crew chief in the Canadian Touring Car Championship, GT3 Challenge Canada, USA, and the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge. Our availability varies each season, but we are always interested in helping teams as best we can, delivering the most value possible.  

Professional Racing Driver

Perhaps the best skill we bring that some other drivers don’t offer, is the knowledge and experience of vehicle dynamics, chassis tuning, and engine tuning. Having a strong base understanding of the forces at play is a huge advantage in determining not only what changes can be made, but in thinking outside of the box and considering other solutions that could be designed and developed to ultimately be a significant improvement to the performance or driveability of a platform. 

In addition, it is important for a development driver to be able to get up to speed quickly, learn new vehicles quickly, and be able to get the most out of them without wearing down the equipment. Having a lot of experience in Time-Attack and qualifying in racing series which used a “one-lap flyer” type of tire, means that we’ve developed that ability to turn it on and go fast straight away. Coupled with experience in drifting and having worked hard on mastering car control, this means that going beyond the limits of the tires doesn’t have the same kinds of risk as the vehicle can still be controlled in a sliding state. 

Having spent countless hours in simulators is also a huge benefit, and has proven to be essential in developing the ability to adapt to new types of platforms and learn new circuits. This has proven to be an incredible tool and is something that we encourage all developing drivers to work on mastering, no matter how frustrating it may be initially. 

Sasha has proven himself as one of the fastest drivers available and has results to prove it. having won a number of championships, lap records, and matching or beating the performance of paid factory drivers in identical cars. Please visit the racing section here for results. If you’re considering ensuring your vehicle setup is maximized we encourage you to get in touch as a day of chassis tuning is less than a set of tires and those gains will last the life of the car. 

 Data Analysis, System Configuration, Trackside Support

The heart of OnPoint is tuning. Along with engine tuning, we have tremendous experience with data analysis and uses a number of techniques to evaluate vehicle and driver performance. Shock pots, total G analysis, G-G circle analysis, differential analysis, traction control evaluation and ABS evaluation are all methods we employ to optimize the driver and chassis. Being an experienced and capable driver means we can get a lot more out of the data than someone who has a more classical education.

Additionally, having a wealth of engine tuning and engine related mechanical knowledge allows for a very deep analysis of power-train data to find telltale signs of potential mechanical problems, and to optimize the engine and transmission calibration. We offer trackside support for initial vehicle setup as well as optimization to help you get the most out of expensive testing time. 

Racecar Systems Design + Consulting

Designing and building a racecar is a daunting task. For the inexperienced, a small mistake can, unfortunately, lead to thousands of dollars in damaged equipment and countless hours of lost time. Sadly these kinds of problems often drive teams to the breaking point. By spending a couple of days going over your vehicle plan (preferably before it’s built!) we can work together to find the weak points of the build and help you put a plan together to ensure all systems work as intended. At the same time, we will help ensure you don’t waste money buying unnecessary parts that have no benefit to your vehicle.

We can help you determine the best components for the level of vehicle and budget you are working with. This way you don’t end up with systems that are not compatible – for example, some ECUs will not communicate with certain dashes and data loggers. A mistake like this will cost hundreds of dollars in duplicate sensors and electrical costs and will require you to data log from two separate systems simultaneously – without being able to synchronize the data. Our consulting makes sure you get the best value for your dollar. We’ve seen so many customers spend good money on top of bad, and our main goal is to make sure the money you invest is spent wisely, and only once!

We have experience with electric vehicles, gasoline-powered vehicles, and make it our specialty to program custom vehicle control strategies using Motec’s M1 Build firmware development environment. Just about anything you can imagine can be controlled using this hardware. 

Please Contact Us to discuss your project. Tell us about your team and where you feel you need support and we will get started. Thank you for considering OnPoint to be part of your team.