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Race Services

Sasha Anis has a wide range of skills in the motorsport market hence the category “Race Services.” Depending on your needs, OnPoint can work with you and your team to determine your needs and how OnPoint’s founder Sasha Anis can best fill them. Sasha’s primary skills include:

Professional Racing Driver

Known for his ability to set a hot lap in anything he drives, one of Sasha’s favorite types of Motorsport is Time Attack. In this discipline you have only 3 laps to get it done. For years Sasha has thrived on this challenge as a fun low stress side from professional racing. But when it comes to sprint or endurance racing, Sasha has proven that he has the mental calm that makes the difference between a fast driver and a professional driver. He makes wise decisions and keeps the vehicle out of trouble while managing to get 100% out of the vehicle. Sasha’s mechanical knowledge can be an asset diagnosing and driving around problems during a race, or preventing further damage by analyzing a problem while racing and determining whether or not it is safe to continue.

Sasha Anis has won a number of championships along with lap records, endurance race wins and sprint race wins in varying sports car series.

Whether you need someone to help you setup your racecar, or you need a driver that will consistently bring the machine home on the podium and in one piece, Sasha is worth talking to before you decide on your driver.


Data Analyst + Trackside Support

The heart of OnPoint is engine tuning. Along with engine tuning Sasha has tremendous experience with Data Analysis and uses a number of techniques to evaluate vehicle and driver performance. Shock pots, total G analysis, G-G circle analysis, differential analysis, traction control evaluation and ABS evaluation are all methods Sasha is experienced using to optimize the driver and chassis. Additionally Sasha digs through the power-train data to find tell tale signs of potential mechanical problems, and to optimize the engine and transmission calibration. We offer trackside support for initial vehicle setup as well as optimization to help you get the most out of expensive testing time.


Electrical System Design

If you’re planing to start on a specific standalone or racecar electrical project please consider consulting with us for help. We can design and layout the system with computer software and help you determine which ECU is best, how to assign spare inputs and outputs, plan for future expansion, and recommend ways to interface data analysis with your ECU. This will allow you to run the wires and harness correctly, even if you have no experience wiring a complete vehicle. We also offer complete build services, please click the link above to learn more and to see some example harnesses. We look forward to taking care of your complete motorsport electrical needs from design to dyno!


Racecar Systems Consulting

Designing and building a racecar is a daunting task. For the inexperienced a small mistake can unfortunately lead to thousands of dollars in damaged equipment and countless hours of lost time. Sadly these kinds of problems often drive teams to the breaking point. By spending a few hours going over your vehicle (preferably before its built!) we can work together to find the weak points of the build and help you put a plan together to ensure all systems work as intended. At the same time we will help ensure you don’t waste money buying unnecessary parts that have no benefit to your vehicle.

We can help you determine the best components for the level of vehicle and budget you are working with. This way you don’t end up with systems that are not compatible – for example some ECUs will not communicate with certain dashes and data loggers. A mistake like this will cost hundreds of dollars in duplicate sensors and electrical costs, and will require you to data log from two separate systems simultaneously – without being able to synchronize the data. Our consulting makes sure you get the best value for your dollar. Far too often shops sell what they have in stock, or what they can get the best pricing on, rather than what is in the best interest of the client. Since we do not sell parts you can have confidence knowing you are getting the most genuine advice.


Please Contact Us to inquire about pricing and package services. Tell us about your project or team and where you feel you need support and we will get started! Thank you for considering OnPoint to be part of your team.

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