Racing is the inspiration for nearly everything that we do. While many guys enjoy a fast street car, I am really in my element on the race track and working on getting race cars to go as fast as possible. So, wanting to share our racing plans and history with all of you, this section of the website is here to give you a background of our racing history and fill in the blanks that the blog posts assume you already know.


Kels The 350z Racecar Adventures:

racing_kels2016 was a redemption year for Kels. We worked with Quaife to get a reliable quality sequential gearbox in the car, which performed flawlessly right out of the gate. We also partnered with Volk Racing and fitted 12″ wide wheels front and rear on the Z, along with wider bodywork and a green wrap to update the appearance. Motec also helped us out with a PDM15, updating the electric system significantly. We had some great racing including re-setting our CSCS Unlimited RWD record. We were having a great race against some exotic factory built racecars when Kels was unfortunately damaged while racing another car. So there is some work to do before 2017!

Kels The 350z Racecar Profile

Canadian GT3 Cup Canada Championship:

In 2016 we joined one of the largest dealer groups in North America – Pfaff Automotive partners. It has been an incredible experience so far working with Pfaff, primarily because the team is young, passionate, full of energy and eager to take advice and input at all times, seeking to grow and level up and every opportunity.  We had a great year racing with two 991 GT3 cup cars and one GT4 Cayman. We didn’t walk away with as many race wins as we had hoped we would, but we did win a few significant events including the World Challenge GT3 class at Mosport.


Kels The 350z Racecar Adventures:

racing_kels2015 was our most painful year with Kels. While we did do some great development to get a sequential gearbox in the car, unfortunately the box was a dud. We would spend most of the season chasing horrible vibrations, and being busy with dyno work and so not having very much time to work on the car. We did however get to the track a few times with the sequential gearbox and fell in love with the idea of having a sequential in the car!

Kels The 350z Racecar Profile

IMSA Continental Tire Sports Car Championship:

In 2015 we joined Mantella Autosport full time as the Car Chief for the #80 Chevy Camaro Z28.R. Sasha helped guide car setup, race strategy and led data review with the car, as well as managed the crew for the car to ensure that the team ran like a well oiled machine. We had a strong season although the car was not nearly as competitive as the Aston in 2014. I was also able to fill in for Mark Wilkins again, this time at Watkins Glen. We had a very strong performance at the Glen both in practice where we were the fastest Camaro (facing pro drivers in all 3 other Camaros), and in the rain where we were the fastest car on the track at some points during the race.


Kels The 350z Racecar Adventures:

racing_kels2014  was a great year with Kels. We visited Road Atlanta for a Global Time Attack event which was extremely fun, and the car performed fanatically. Kels then proceded to go under the knife for a MakTrak sequential gearbox installation. Unfortunately Kels would be out of comission for some time as the gearbox was just not meant to be. Read more about Kels here:

Kels The 350z Racecar Profile

Racing With Mantella Autosport:

Racing with Conti

The highlight of 2014 was without a doubt racing with Mantella Autosport, Sasha’s first time back in the driver’s seat in professional international racing since 2007. Armed with arguably the most capable car in the field, with a team of very committed and talented people, we had a real shot of doing extremely well at the event. I had never been to VIR before, but thanks to a lot of iRacing practice the track was very easy to learn. In the race we set a new race lap record by almost a full second. It is something I continue to be extremely proud of to this day as the field was full of extremely talented guys, the likes of Jordan Taylor, Scott Maxwell, Robin Liddell and Kyle Marcelli – just to name a few. Our car was really really good though. Really good.

Canadian GT3 Cup Championship:

racing_scbIn addition to running the Z we supported Sports Car Boutique in the Canadian Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge. Sasha helped the team develop and shared processes and systems to get the team to a point where they were able to compete for podium finishes. Sasha filled the role of Crew Chief and vehicle configuration lead. Learn more about SCB Racing here.


Grand-Am Continental Tire Sports Car Championship:

racing_cksIn 2013 OnPoint’s Sasha Anis was the Crew Cheif for CKS’ #00 Chevy Camaro in Grand-Am’s Continental Tire Sports Car Championship. The team showed a lot of potential throughout the season, but unfortunately it was one of those un-lucky years where we couldn’t get many races to go our way. It was a great experience and we had a lot of fun. Visiting the biggest tracks in North America was something special as well. Read about some of our CTSCC stories here.

Kels The 350z Racecar Adventures:

racing_kels2013 was a development year for Kels the 350z Racecar. With the support of Speedstar we swapped the VQ35DE engine for a VQ35HR, along with a 3.7L VQ37VHR crankshaft, custom JE pistons and huge cams from our friends at JWT. With the Jenvey throttle’s ported out the engine put down 413whp and is now capable of revving to 9000rpm. The car set its fastest time at Cayuga in testing of a 1:12.6, won a GT1 race outright beating some tube-frame V8 machinery, and came from the back to finish 2nd place in a wild 20minute dash at Mosport. Read more here.

Scion Tuner Challenge:


In addition to running the Z and Crew Chiefing for CKS, I also had to find time to help setup and run a Scion FR-S for the guys at Can-Jam for the Scion Tuner Challenge. This was a 2 year deal and in 2013 we completed some really fun and exciting events like Ice Racing, Drifting and Gymkhana against 2 other FRS’ from competing provinces. At the end of the event we came away the winners, and team Ontario won the FR-S. Read about all of our adventures here


Canadian Touring Car Champions:

racing_ctcc2012 was finally our year in the CTCC. The Genesis Coupes we had built in 2010 were fine tuned Korean killing machines and they would accept nothing less than domination. We set lap records at various events, and I was on the podium in the #14 car 14/16 races, and finished the season without a single DNF, despite crashing into the tire wall at Mosport’s infamous corner 2 after sliding over an oil slick (watch the video here). You can read all about our 2012 season, including the unfortunate falling out with the team owner here. A post summarizing the 2012 season can be found here.


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