About OnPoint

OnPoint Dyno is a mobile dyno tuning service founded by Sasha Anis. Former owner of well known and respected race shop SG-Motorsport, OnPoint Dyno was inspired by Sasha’s good friend Dan Pye, previously of U2NDyno. The concept is simple, and relatively unexplored in the GTA: Offer shops mobile dyno and engine tuning services that don’t have the desire to own their own dyno machine. In addition to serving a niche market, Sasha brings his industry wide experience to the business and you’ll notice the professional attention to detail the moment you see our equipment. The idea behind OnPoint is simple – provide our (and your) customers with the best possible dyno and tuning experience available.

Owning your own dyno is expensive, space intrusive, and for most shops in the GTA – more of a headache than it’s worth. Unless you are an experienced professional engine calibrator, owning a dyno often does not make sense. But it also doesn’t make sense to bring your clients’ vehicles to other dyno shops that may be more interested in stealing your customer than they are of building a long lasting relationship and appreciating your business. Because we don’t sell parts or offer labour services, you can align with OnPoint with complete trust. And because we specialize in dyno and engine calibration services, we are focused on being the best at what we do. Read more about our wholesale dyno services HERE.

If you’re not a business, that’s OK – we welcome you just the same! OnPoint works with partner shops so you can visit us just like you would any other shop – and we can dyno tune your vehicle. But more than just tuning your car, we offer consulting services that review and recommend changes or fixes to your car before ever loading it onto the dyno. Because we don’t sell products – you know our advice is genuine and honest. A few bucks up front for some race proven advice is a hell of a lot cheaper than multiple dyno sessions. As a client of OnPoint, you are more than just an appointment in the calender. We want to know everything about your car, and we want to keep in touch and work with you to ensure you build the vehicle of your dreams. Learn more about our mobile dyno and tuning services HERE.



Sasha Anis has spent years tuning vehicles and has a vast wealth of experience with both Naturally Aspirated and Forced Induction engines. From bolt-on vehicle reflashes that optimize performance, to complete motorsport electrical systems and from scratch engine calibration, Sasha has experience with every level of build. Sasha has tuned some of the fastest sports cars in Canada, including his personal Motec M800 equipped 350z that may have the world record for highest horsepower stock displacement VQ35DE at 372whp. In addition Sasha has built and tuned some wild turbo vehicles, including Zach Peterson’s Tomei Genesis equipped S14 that produced well over 500whp with a very responsive (read: small) turbo.

In addition to ECU calibration, Sasha spent five years running SG-Motorsport where he, along with his team, built a number of cool street, track and full out race cars including 3 Canadian Touring Car Hyundai Genesis Coupes, which have won the manufacturer’s title for Hyundai two years in a row. In 2012 Sasha captured the Driver’s championship as well, with more points in the CTCC than any competitor has ever accumulated in the history of the series. When building this website, Sasha decided not to remove the old SG-Motorsport posts, so if you browse the site you will see some of the cool vehicles SG built, along with some tests and other interesting posts.

Part of Sasha’s passion for cars is also in driving, and he is a professional racecar driver that races in the Canadian Touring Car Championship, with experience in Speed World Challenge and Grand-Am Continental Sports Car Challenge (GS). He also enjoys drifting for fun when the opportunity arises. While this may not seem relevant to engine tuning – the reality is that it couldn’t be further from the truth. Sasha’s understanding of how a racecar must feel to drive translates to how the engine must run. While some drag-race specialized engine tuners may be focused mainly with wide open throttle, Sasha knows that transient throttle response and the shape of the power curve is critical to both the drive-ability and enjoyment of a vehicle!



OnPoint Dyno uses a Dynapack DP4 the Dyno of choice. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. It is the best.
  2. It is portable.

In that order. After using the Dynapack for a number of years in comparison to a Dynojet and a number of other roller dynos there is absolutely no comparison. Dynapack offers features you could only dream of with many roller dynos. While there are some really great roller dynos out there – they are rare in the GTA. Here are 6 reasons why the Dynapack is so great:

  1. The Dynapack physically bolts to your vehicle. There is no possibility of tire slip or of a strap breaking or a vehicle potentially flying off of the dyno. The Dynapack is the safest dyno out there. Tire slip and tire deformation on a roller dyno is a big issue especially with high horsepower cars. Wheelspin makes evaluating any changes to the vehicle during areas of slip impossible, since the dyno is only displaying available traction, not engine output. Changes up or down on the graph are merely an indication of how much grip you may have gained or lost as a result of the tires getting hotter!
  2. The Dynapack offers incredible steady state control. It is able to target a specific RPM point and keep the engine at that speed from friction HP (the power it takes to drive the wheels at that RPM) all the way to maximum HP without ever moving more than a few RPM up or down. This allows the engine calibrator to fully map an engine with incredible efficiency. Using a dyno without load control means you are randomly sweeping through RPM and load cells and are unable to hold the engine at one load point for any period of time. Tuning like that is basically shooting in the dark.
  3. The Dynapack is so mobile that it makes a mobile business a real option for shop owners. The system requires only a hose bib for water cooling and 20A of 110V power, and most of that power is for the fans!
  4. The Dynapack is incredibly repeatable – even with Canada’s wildly changing weather. We have run our 350z GT car unchanged in the middle of summer where the shop temeprature was 40 degrees C, and in the middle of winter when the shop was nearly frozen at 5 degrees C. The corrected power output was within 2 HP. The repeatability of this dyno allows you to evaluate changes with a high level of confidence even if you can’t back-to-back the changes you’ve made to the vehicle on the same day.
  5. The Dynapack offers incredible data logging. With 2 Wideband O2 inputs, dual Map sensors, a low voltage TPS and RPM pickup and a complete on-board weather station, the dyno can capture and organize a ton of data for even the simplest of vehicle. This makes tuning much faster and more efficient, and the redundancy of having multiple sensors means that your engine is always being tuned with the confidence that the readings are correct.
  6. The Dynapack requires no re-calibration. Many other dyno systems out there must be re-calibrated regularly. This means if your car was tuned close to the time of dyno re-calibration, then it is very likely that your power readings were inaccurate and next time you visit that dyno you may need to re-baseline the vehicle. With a Dynapack the power output is consistent for the life of the machine.


 Our Services:

In addition to mobile dyno rental OnPoint also offers a range of race services for motorsport teams and those with complicated vehicle builds. Please click on the links below for details about how we can work with you, and to book an appointment.