OnPoint Dyno is proud to be Canada’s largest dealer for Motec’s complete line of Data Analysis, Engine Control and Power Distribution Modules. Motec products are the best on the market and offer capability and control that is unmatched by any other aftermarket systems commonly available. What was once be reserved for professional race teams is now available to club racers as manufacturing and electronic component costs have come down over the years. If you’ve considered Motec but felt it was out of your budget, it’s time to re-consider. The M1 and C12x lines are incredibly affordable, and incredibly powerful.

To learn more about Motec’s line of motorsport products, please click the links below for all of the details from Motec’s website. Motec is constantly updating their product offerings and have many items that are similar but with unique differences, so the best way to determine the best product for your application is to contact us. We will be updating this page soon with more information.







We offer Motec products, calibration, custom firmware, on-site installation as well as on-site support and training. OnPoint can provide complete system design and implementation from start to finish, and the complete process is outlined below:

Our Complete MoTec Project Solution:

The first step is to determine your goals and requirements for the vehicle, at which point we can help you determine the Motec products best suited to your project.

We will then put a quote together which covers the project from start to finish. Once the quote is approved we start our in-house electrical design. Once the designs are complete and approved we build the loom. You’ll be able to keep the electrical schematics upon completion for use in future diagnostic work and expansion.

If required we can make a custom firmware package using M1 Build that perfectly suits your application. M1 Build allows us to implement any kind of functionality you can imagine into the Motec software, and it gives you – the end user – tables and parameters you can adjust on the fly. Examples of custom firmware would be for active differential control, custom injection control, custom CAN communication and vehicle integration, or anything else you can imagine.

Once the harness is fabricated and installed in the vehicle, we will perform the setup and calibration of the system, as well as dyno tuning (for engine control projects). We can then offer one on one training to coach you through the use of your Motec products – whether it be for data analysis, ECU fine-tuning or dash/PDM calibration and setup.

The complete process will provide you with an electrical system that will last many times the life of the car, along with the understanding to get the most out of your system.

Already Know What You Need?

If you already know exactly what you’d like to order from Motec, please contact us for a quote. Most likely what you need is in stock at Motec USA, in which case we can have your items within 3-4 business days with standard shipping, or next day if needed.

Have Motec Product, But Need Support?

If you have a Motec device and need some help with configurations or tuning we can come on-site to work with you. And of course, we also offer ECU dyno tuning for existing Motec installations. Please contact us and let us know what we can do to help. Our rates are higher to support Motec equipment that was not originally purchased from us.