Pat Cyr and the boys at Cyrious Garageworks put this Z together and had me tune it with UpRev. Rather than using the less than ideal rising rate fuel pressure regulator and stock injectors, Pat fitted 600cc injectors and a fuel pump upgrade, and I supplied an UpRev GT MAF. This is the preferred and more precise method of tuning any forced induction or high output Z.

I’m always impressed with how much power a ¬†bolt-on supercharger kit can make on the VQ. In the case of this car, we tuned it first with an under-driven crank pulley which kept the boost quite low at about 4psi. The car still made impressive power and we figured the owner would enjoy this power level and have a quick 20-30whp upgrade when he got tired of it. Turns out he wanted the extra boost with no delay, so Pat threw the factory crank damper in the car and brought it back for another quick tweak on the dyno. He had also installed high-flow cats, which in the case of a supercharger will raise the boost pressure even further. At 4.5psi the Z put down 342whp and at 8psi a surprising 382whp. It looks like 10whp per pound of boost is exactly what we are seeing even at these elevated boost levels.

The car had a Kinetix intake manifold and headers, which is really moving the power over to the right and allowing it to make strong peak power numbers. It wants to rev forever!