Hello everybody!

Hope all is well with everyone and you’re all settling in after the holidays. It’s been a hectic few weeks around here since returning from vacation, and I am glad to report that we’ve got quite a few of our longterm projects finished or nearly!

Here are a few pictures of Steve’s STi, finally finished in all it’s glory. We had it outside in the sun with a snow covered background for some great shots not once but TWICE last week, and I didn’t get outside with the camera. FAIL. So you’ll just have to settle for this shitty in-shop pictures until the spring, as the car has now left to it’s extremely excited owner!

One really cool fact about this car is that not only does it have a GEMS custom mappable center diff controller, but we’ve wired it’s 0-5v output (originally intended to communicate with the factory Subaru diff controller) into the Racepak dash, so we can now log center diff lock %, and compare it against all of the other parameters like speed, throttle position, rpm, boost etc. Gangster? We also built a splitter for it out of Alumalite. On the cheap but it turned out gorgeous none the less!

We’ve gotten some great progress on Bob’s Datsun as well, the Fuel system is complete, we’ve fabricated custom aluminum hardlines, as well as soft lines to the GReddy rail, Aeromotive regulator and fuel filter. You have to see it, nothing quite like baller racecar plumbing.

We’re currently working feverishly on the Genesis racecar program, we currently have 3 2.0t engines sitting in the shop and are awaiting one more. Haltech’s are in and the custom engine and chassis wiring harnesses are transforming from just a drawing into reality. Still waiting on a lot of electrical supplies but they should be here soon to have these things finished up. Injector Dynamics just supplied us with their 725cc injectors which are basically the best injectors on the market. Did I mention we are now an Injector Dynamics dealer? So if you need some, just let us know. The rest of the systems for the Gen coupes are pretty much sorted out, the only things we’ve yet to decide on are Clutches and Flywheels, and turbo.

This S13 got some SG love, with the help of Jim Wolf Technology and Gord Bush. JWT C1 cams, an APEXi head gasket, and a Gord Bush valve job and head cleanup, and with supporting modifications, controlled by a Haltech ECU, the car is producing 367whp at – just look at the dyno, less than 15 pounds of boost! You’ve got to be effing kidding me. I was saying that must be a record of some kind for this turbo, and no one has disputed my claims yet. The turbo is a 2871 0.64 A/R. Fully spooled at 3800rpm, the boost controller was just a little lazy coming on for this pull. The mix of the cams, intake manifold and exhaust manifold have moved the peak torque way up the RPM band, and have made it into an amazing honda-like powertrain. I would imagine the thing would be happy to rev right out to 8000rpm, and would likely still have over 340whp by the time it got there. Cool!

The Canadian Motorsports Expo is this weekend, we will have the #87 Hyundai Genesis Coupe on display, so please come see what’s happening in Canadian Motorsport and come support the industry! Not to mention see all the cool racecars! The show is still fairly new and growing, so while it isn’t nearly as big as PRI or SEMA, it’s Canadian and growing! Hope to see you there. You can find more details about the show here. (CanadianMotorsportsExpo.com)