Well, this blog update is small and borderline pointless, however it is still exciting! SG Licence Plate frames are on the way and will be available to all of our SG customers (old and new) free of charge.

Why would you want an SG plate frame?

Don’t you worry, this list of top five reasons you’d want an SG plate frame will give you the answer!

Top 5 Reasons You’d Want An SG Licence Plate Frame:

5:  You get to remove the useless plate frame that’s been on there since you bought the car from the dealer you hate.
4: It’s Free.
3: You can be friends with other SG customers, and man hug it out at track events.
2: The SG arrow is friggin SICK!
1:  You can street race and then get us arrested for encouraging “terrorist activity”

In other news, we’re working on another new intake for the 350z racecar, which will hopefully make comparable power to the Carbotron manifold, while clearing the hood and being stiff enough for race use. Pictures of that will come shortly!

And finally, SG is getting a new tow vehicle I’m proud to announce, a 2009 Nissan Titan. It’s good to keep it in the family, who knows maybe we’ll even get into tuning them. An UpRev ECU flash and an SG exhaust/intake will be made up for sure!