The first time I got my hands on a Rotrex was when Modified editor, David Pratte brought me a Kraftwerks kit to install in his Civic racecar. I couldn’t believe my eyes when the car made 400whp with that kit. Kraftwerks has done it again with their FR-S kit. From what I saw the materials used in the kit are top level, with beautifully machined and anodized pieces.

Because these ECUTek kits have locked tunes, we always recommend clients purchase the “tuner” kit, so that they don’t spend needless money on a tune file we will have to overwrite. It turns out that was the right decision for Richard, as he ended up spending a small amount more than the “tuned” kit would have cost from Kraftwerks, but received custom dyno tuning time specific to his car, his modifications and Canadian fuel and climage. Now as he makes more changes, we have the base map and can continue to work on that tune.

The car made great power, and drives wonderfully on the street. The transition from cruise to full throttle is seamless and the car has the perfect amount of power, with factory like response. This is how Toyota should have sold the car!



Thanks To Dan Cyr For The Photos


Thanks To Dan Cyr For The Photos


Thanks To Dan Cyr For The Photos