I have known Pat since the time we built and ran Dave Briggs’ drift car in 2009. We first competed against Pat in DMCC and immediately I respected him as someone that got the most out of his budget, with a ton of talent to go along with it. Over the last few years Pat and I have both grown our racing careers, Pat in drifting and myself in road racing. During this time Pat has dominated Canada’s DMCC series, regularly being the guy to beat even with his older (however incredibly classic) AE86. In this time Pat has grown more professional and stepped up his game at every opportunity. Perhaps the ultimate reward for doing so: recently Pat partnered with Scion Canada – where he now has built a weapon Scion FR-S that will compete in DMCC in 2013.

Pat's old and glorious AE86. Photo Credit: Motormavens

Pat’s old and glorious AE86. Photo Credit: Motormavens / Ste Ho

I could think of no one else in the drifting community better for OnPoint to work with – the FR-S is a platform we focus on, and Pat is an Ontario driver that we all think very highly of. Not only can he drive, he is able to build a machine that will be reliable and win events. OnPoint will be providing dyno time and tuning for Pat Cyr of Cyrious Garageworks throughout the 2013 season. Here’s what Pat has to say about our new partnership:

“I’m very happy and proud to announce that the Cyrious Garageworks/Scion Racing FR-S will be tuned by none other than Sasha Anis from OnPoint Dyno! Sasha has many years of experience tuning high end race and street cars from around the country, and we know he’s got what it takes to extract the highest amount of HP possible out of our Scion’s turbocharged FA20 engine while making it safe and reliable! We also love the fact that OnPoint brings the dyno to you! This saves us time and money in not having to take the car to another facility and everything is kept in house. Also OnPoint Dyno is the recommended tuner/dyno for all Cyrious Garageworks clients! ”

-Pat Cyr

Of course I will keep you all updated once the car is on the dyno, and throughout the season. I’m sure Pat will be dominating the podium and his brother Dan will be documenting it every step of the way with his usual badass videograpahy. Here’s a picture of Pat’s FR-S – freshly launched at the Montreal Auto Show:


Similar to the AE86, but so different.


Looks like a good time.

On a side note, we have another announcement to shortly make regarding ECU tuning for the Scion FR-S and BRZ, so stay tuned! (sorry for the pun)