I am pleased to announce that OnPoint has become a COBB certified Pro Tuner for Subaru’s. As most are aware, COBB is the premier manufacturer of OE ECU tuning solutions for Japanese turbocharged cars, and they are exceptionally strong with Subaru vehicles, offering Accessport devices for all turbocharged Subaru’s.

With the new emissions laws in Ontario, it is becoming very difficult for street driven vehicles to be legally operated with stand-alone ECUs, and as a result the COBB reprogrammed OEM ECU is a very powerful alternative. With live tuning and the ability to convert the load calculation to Speed Density, COBB’s Accessport can be used on even extreme setups.

Over the past few months I have been tuning a number of Subaru’s, unfortunately only road-mapping as OnPoint does not (yet) offer all wheel drive tuning. We are anticipating being able to offer AWD dyno rental and tuning in 2014, and that is the reason we opted to become a COBB ProTuner for the Subaru market.

I must thank the guys at Touge Tuning, who have been instrumental in my decision to invest more heavily in both the Subaru and AWD market. Check them out at tougetuning.com