After a months of development I am proud to announce that OnPoint’s VQ35HR individual throttle bodies are now available for purchase. We have already sold a few of these sets as it seems there is a demand for the VQ35HR to be throttled individually, and by working with Jenvey we have created a solution we are quite proud of.

ITBs 2

Two Sets Of Runners… V12?

Everything about this kit was designed to be easy to install, easy to service and beautiful to look at. The runners are machined from billet aluminium and bolt to a base-plate that is secured to the engine. O-rings seal all of the components (except for the base plate, which uses the OE gasket) so there is no need for gasket sealer. The runners carefully and evenly expand in area at the equivalent of a 1 degree taper from the port up to the 53.5mm throttle body – taking different shapes across its path to jog over to the left, narrowly avoid runners on either side and smoothly transition from a horizontal oval, to a vertical ellipse – and finally to a circle – before matching up with the Jenvey throttles which carry the same taper up past the throttle blades and to the end of the body.

Beautiful CNC Machine Markings

Beautiful CNC Machine Markings

We then developed a common fuel rail that feeds both banks using one fuel rail by drilling angled holes into the fuel rail and designing the injector ports to place the injector exactly centred with the engine. The rail has been designed to fit Injector Dynamics 725cc injectors without any adapter caps for the shortest and most compact installation possible. The end result is a lighter part that requires only one fuel line on a return-less system, or a single feed and return on an aftermarket fuel system.

Common Fuel Rail - Perfectly Centred

Common Fuel Rail – Perfectly Centred

We have tested 51, 53 and 57mm runners and have found the 53.5mm throttles to be best suited to the HR’s higher port flow compared to the DE – optimizing power for 8500rpm and 400whp – something most anyone with ITBs will likely be striving for. Different size runners can be custom ordered for even higher power applications – or for those requiring a restricted engine or one with a lower target rev limit. 

The final kit installed with our air horns on Kels, our shop racecar.

The final kit installed with our air horns on Kels, our shop racecar.

Our kit includes:

  • Jenvey SFD 53.5mm Throttle Bodies, Cross-Over Linkage and Penny & Giles Motorsport Contact-less TPS Sensor
  • OnPoint Designed CNC’d Base Plates, Tapered CNC’d runners and CNC’d Fuel Rail + Fuel Rail Brackets
  • Hardware, O-rings and Fittings for the fuel rail, Throttle Bodies, & Runners

Optionally we now also can provide:

  • Polished CNC’d Air Horns (see photos above)
  • Motec M130 Plug & Play Patch Harness For The Factory VQ35HR Engine Harness
  • Motec M1 Base Map As Tuned On Our 420whp Z – Just Fine Tune The Map And Go!

We are currently working on the following components to make the installation even easier:

  • Throttle cable bracket – for use with an RSX Type-S throttle cable
  • Valve Cover oil-cap and vent plugs along with valve cover modification instructions
  • Curved Air Horns to clear the factory hood

If You Are Interested In Ordering Your Set, Please Email Us For Pricing. Due to the low volume nature of this kit, and the fact that everything is CNC’d from billet the cost is understandably higher than Jenvey’s DE kit – please consider this when enquiring.