To thank and give back to those that support OnPoint we have started a program to support our “Ambassadors.” The program is very simple – the more customers you refer to OnPoint, the more of a discount you will get when it comes time to tune or dyno your car.

Refer 4 cars for tunes, and your tune will be 50% off

Refer 6 cars for tunes, and your tune will be free!

We keep track of all of the clients referred, and when it comes time that you want to tune or dyno your car, you will receive the appropriate discount. How you choose to promote or advertise OnPoint is entirely up to you, but we have stickers and logos available if you would like some for your car, trailer, or toolbox, as well as t-shirts for OnPoint clients.

So if you’re thinking about getting your car tuned in the near future, start referring your friends to OnPoint early to get that discount. We appreciate your support growing OnPoint dyno – and would much rather pay it back to those in the community, than paying websites and magazines.

The only “fine print” is that a discounted or free tune cannot be redeemed in the month of May. As May is the busiest time of the year we are not able to discount any tunes during that month. So plan ahead, and get your car done early!

Please see the attached files to help you promote OnPoint:

PDF Outlining OnPoint Ambassador Program
Cars / ECUs We Tune + Pricing
EPS OnPoint Wide Logo (Black)
EPS OnPoint Wide Logo (White)

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or ideas you would like to discuss. Thanks for your support.