Maniacy. Wildness. Lack of sense. Ridiculousness. Entertainment.

These are the words that best describe today’s action. Starting 5th behind some real fast dudes meant finishing in a podium spot would be tough. I never imagined it would be made so easy for me – and even bob who qualified 16th!!

Before the race even stared Audette was out with a mechanical failure. So frustrating because I love those guys and they’ve just been having the worst of luck lately. Being that Audette was right infront of me I wasn’t able to cross the track and take the position,but pootmans was lucky and able to basically leap frog me at the start and be in the 4th position rather than 6th.

The start was a joke. Everyone was full throttle basically out of the last turn, well before the green flag. I didn’t have the best start for this reason and pootmans got away from me pretty well. I was able to tuck in behind Nick (Greg Pootmans also passed Nick at the start) and not lose any further positions. I had Dala Lana right behind me, who is pootmans team mate. He was drag racing me up the back straight and I had to block him a fair bit to ensure he didn’t pass!

I got back online for the braking zone and what happened next was one of the most amazing ends ive ever seen in motor racing. I brake just after the 150 marker. And that’s about 95 percent aggression. Dala Lana flewwwww by me, even though I was braking hardddddd. He even flew by Nick!! You have to see the footage, it’s awesome.

So where did he end up? Certainly not on the track, or we would all brake that late. No. Instead he SLAMMED into his teammate. SO FUCKING HARD!!!! It was incredible. That took both pootmans and dal Lana out of the race and brought out a full course caution.

Again. The video is awesome, I’ll get it up. You just have to see it!

So after the green came back out I chased Nick wittmer a bit and he didn’t seem to have the pace he normally does, and I made a braking pass on him into the last hairpin. Clean pass, he gave me lots of room. He would later have a problem and fall back.

At this point I’m running 3rd behind the crazy BMW and dave in bis subaru.

Well Dave lost his brakes a few Laps later and went off in the runoff, losing about ten positions.

That put me in second, with a very comfortable gap to 3rd that I would hold on to for the remainder of the race. There was no catching Camirand, I’d need a bit more jam for that!!

Bob passed all of the Lombardi cars and others to make his way up from 16th to 3rd. Well 4th really but 3rd got disqualified. It was incredible, we are ridiculously excited as a team. Can’t wait to start right with bob tomorrow.

Time steak!!!