To compliment our ITB kit we have just finished developing a plug and play patch harness for the VQ35HR using Motec’s M130 ECU. This patch harness isn’t just for our ITB kit, however. This patch harness is also wired to work with all four variable cams, and both drive by wire throttle bodies – making it a perfect option for high power turbocharged or supercharged applications looking for the ultimate control.

Here’s what is wired into the Motec M130:

  • 4 Cam Solenoids
  • 4 Cam Sensors + 1 Crank Sensor
  • 6 Coils / 6 Injectors
  • Coolant Temp, Oil Temp
  • Accel Pedal, 2 DBW Throttle Bodies (In a non drive by wire application, the OE accel pedal connector may be used for strain gauge / gear position input)
  • Fuel Pump Relay, ECM Relay,
  • 2 Knock Sensors
  • LTC Connector to utilize Motec’s LTC or LTC-D wideband.
  • Spares connector with spare I/O from the M130 and spare ECU pins.
  • Ethernet connector to connect to the ECU.
  • CAN termination with a 100 ohm resistor – this connector can be used to connect to other CAN based systems such as a dash or PDM.
  • AIR Temp (in the Bank 1 factory MAF connector)
  • MAP/BARO Pressure (in the Bank 1 factory O2 connector)


We have not yet tested this kit with an OEM vehicle and due to the fact that the OE instrument cluster is CAN driven, the factory gauge cluster will not work when the OE ECU has been removed. This kit is intended for motorsport use only (i.e. buy a dash!). There is a possibility that we may work towards a custom package for the M130 which would allow for the OE gauge cluster functionality, but this is not currently high on our priority list.

If you are installing this engine with the OEM harness in a NON 350z application, we can also supply the 3rd cabin connector that is not included in the engine wiring harness. This connector will be required to wire in power and ground, as well as the accelerator pedal pins.

We have also put together a custom workbook for the M1 Tune software which will conveniently organize everything you need to tune your individual throttled engine with M1. Using this patch harness on our racecar we were able to produce 420whp with our ITB kit after only a few hours of tuning on the dyno. This base map is also available for purchase to get you fully up and running.


If you are interested in this patch harness, please contact us for further details and pricing. Thank you!