Matt brought in his Vortech supercharged G35 for some Haltech tuning and we got the party started. Haltech has a “quick lambda” key which is useful when a wideband sensor is connected to the ECU. With the Dynapack tuning the car is a breeze with an ECU setup this way, as you just hold each load cell and let the ECU calculate the adjustments for you.

Once the fueling was tuned I found some more power with cam timing tuning (the base cam timing mapping is way off once the engine is supercharged!) and finally we played with ignition timing a little bit, without getting too greedy on street fuel.

The car is now making great power – but unfortunately Matt’s fuel system couldn’t keep up with the car’s power and fuel pressure was dropping at high RPM and the injectors were close to maxing out as a result. So to be safe Matt and I agreed a lower¬† rev limiter until the fueling issues are resolved and he can safely run the engine to 6800RPM.

Normally you think a G35 sedan is for highway and street use only – but Matt is proving that isn’t the case by running this car in Auto-x and Ontario Time Attack. Keep up the good work Matt!


A little dirty yes, but this sedan is quite the sleeper. Stock exhaust and 400whp!


Smooth usable responsive power. Can’t ask for much more than that.