There are only a few VQs running around out there with SGM longtubes, and Matt is one of them. Matt races his car in Ontario GT sprints and time attack, and wanted to bump the power up a little bit for 2013. Matt and I worked together with Jim Wolf to make a set of the big, lumpy GA cams work with the variable exhaust cam timing.

Loud and angry, just like all VQs with SGM longtubes

Loud and angry, just like all VQs with SGM longtubes

This build reinforces what we learnt with the roadster – more parts does not mean better. The right parts working together yield results. I believe Matt’s car only has these cams, longtubes with an exhaust, and an Injen intake, yet it is making nearly 300whp (over 300whp on the older SAE correction factors we used to use). What does that tell you? There are some guys with a build sheet two pages long that can’t even make 280whp.


Big gains up top from the JWT cams

What’s interesting about this car though is the torque dip at low RPM. On our racecar with the same cams the torque is much higher between 4250-5000rpm and I wonder if this is due to exhaust system design. I hope that Matt will let us test a different Y-pipe on the car in the future to see if that is the cause of the lack of torque around that RPM range.