Interestingly there are NO good chassis setup apps on the app store. We had the idea to build an app that would database and record all of the setup information a crew chief or weekend warrior could ever want to keep track of. We wanted to make the app customizable since no two cars have all of the same setup variables, and we wanted to allow the user to compare, duplicate and import sessions so that they would not need to tediously re-enter every single setup variable each session.

After two (or maybe more) years of development, I’m extremely proud to announce that Laptimizer is now available on the App Store for your iPad or iPad mini! We have been tweaking and refining the app for a long time and I am proud to say that the app is a great tool for anyone that goes to the track and wants to continue to develop their car.

If you’re interested in the app you can learn more about Laptimizer at the website:

Please join the Laptimizer facebook group here:

To get your copy: Direct Link To Apple Store: Laptimizer

Let me discuss a few features about the app, with some screenshots:


This is the home-page of the app. You can manage multiple cars, and configure the parameters you want to be able to adjust for each individual car.


This is the main session screen, with the live weather feed showing. On this page you can duplicate and import from other sessions, and you can even compare to another session so you can see exactly what is different from one setup to the next (useful for looking back at old setups).


This is the heart of Laptimizer – the actual data entry for your setup. We have made the data entry as efficient as possible by using “quick-pick” selectors, you simply click the black box and scroll to the value you want. We have made the default values reasonably close to what you would pick – so for example when you click cold pressure, the default value is 30.0 psi. This is much faster than having to scroll all the way up from zero! There is also a symmetry enable option on multiple pages, so setting shock settings doesn’t require you to enter both left and right sides.


The built-in lap timer allows the user to enter notes during the session, so it is possible to keep track of on-the-fly updates from the driver of traffic, track and car condition.


We even have a gear calculator on the drivetrain page, that allows you to get a quick idea of rpm drop and top speeds for each gear. This helps give you an idea of how your gearing might change if you decide to do an at the track change.


The app will then export all of your setup data to a PDF report if you ask it to, that you can print or keep for your records.


The app also has a backup function that will save your data in-case your ipad goes missing or gets damaged.

We look forward to hearing your feedback about the app, and the more we share and get the app out there the more we will be able to improve it and add features to the app down the road. So let your friends know, post it on any forums you frequent – whatever you can. Enjoy the app and I hope it helps you go faster!