Laine’s car is one of those well setup road cars that are just perfect and a lesson to how Subaru should have done things the first time around. Great power, great suspension (riding on AST dampers, which used to be the spec damper for Grand-Am’s CTSCC), and smooth responsive power delivery.

Tuned on  a COBB Laine’s engine setup consists of a VF52 turbo, Process West TMIC, ID1000s, a beautiful Killer B equal length header and a turbo back exhaust with a high flow cat.

You’ll notice most of the Subaru’s we have run tapered target boost pressures – in other words boost falls as RPM drops. This is programmed into the ECU and is normal. The small factory turbos are not capable of flowing enough air at high RPM to support 18psi, but at low rpm they can handle it just fine. Running tapered boost allows us to make a great deal of mid-range power and is also how all of the COBB OTS maps are setup. Laine and the guys at Touge Tuning did a great job on this build and it really shows. The car makes fantastic power and runs and drives like an OEM car.