I have known Jover for a long time, and this AE86 chassis has been sitting for almost the entire time I’ve known him. Only for a short while in 2005 did I get to enjoy drifting this awesome little car with him, before someone convinced Jover it would be a good idea to strip the enitre car down to the bare shell for grandiose plans. Sadly, the car sat as a bare shell for a very, very long time until Pat Cyr took on the challenge and got it back up and running – only this time with a Honda S2000 motor.

Jover's Car From 2004

Jover’s Car From 2004

Jover recently installed an AEM EMS and asked me to tune it. What a fun little car. The AEM tuned great as they always do on S2000s, and we enabled closed loop O2 sensor feedback under all conditions, like a true racecar. The car made 213whp, and an early VTEC crossover means no ugly hump in the torque curve.

Now it's S2000 powered!

Now it’s S2000 powered!

What a great sounding fun little machine. Have fun drifting it Jover!


The thing sounds wild, and makes great power for that little chassis.