I always enjoy tuning NA cars because you get make incremental gains that are almost so small to see, pull after pull. Then at the end, you overlay where you started to where you finished and say WOW, that’s really a big jump from where we started.

Jesse did a good job of installing his Beams 3S-GE into his MR2, a pretty cool project. He wanted to get rid of his laggy turbo 3S-GTE, and go with something fun and responsive (the other car he drives is a Miata). The Beams engine is pretty damn cool, and with a real header, some larger cams and ITBs this thing could be quite the contender. He wired up the PS1000 himself and did a good job with it. From there we got it up and running with working VVTi, full time closed loop fuel control and obviously sequential fuel and spark. The thing runs like it’s on a stock ECU, and I mean that in the best way possible.

After dyno tuning it put down a respectable 155whp, with an entirely stock setup (other than a cat-back exhaust).