Here’s just a quick update for you fellow SG friends and fans.

We just did a Go-Karting event at Formula Kartways which was a great time. We’ll set one up again soon and if you weren’t there last time, you have to come the next time. Some friendly competition kept things exciting, and I even almost got beat! I’ll have to work up my go-karting skills for next time. Can’t be getting beat by some Son240 kids! The Pizza Pizza hit the spot, and we gave away 5 boost leak testers which was fun, I hope all of you who won them enjoy their usefulness. There were some really quick dudes out there – I think of only 40 or so people go-karting, the top 10 were within 6 tenths! We can’t forget Bing who we must thank for organizing the event, despite being terribly late!

After seeing the Borg Warner EFR turbos at SEMA we needed to put one on a car, and what better than Bob’s RB25 equipped Datsun. The Twin Scroll T4 manifold just showed up today, and to my pleasure it fits in the tiny Datsun engine bay! It looks like the compressor housing may hit the strut tower though, so we’ll have to see how that pans out.

And finally, some more header pictures. If you want them, we have a few sets still available so head to the SG online store and order a set. They sure are expensive, but oh so worth it. NA power is hard to find, and these headers are one of the keys to unlocking great power and sound.

We’ll be at PRI (Performance Racing Industry Trade Show, in Florida) for the remainder of the week and will return next Tuesday. Hopefully it will be less rice infested than SEMA and we’ll learn some cool shit!