Genesis Racing is a race team collaboration between Attrell Hyundai and SG-Motorsport. Genesis Racing run 3 Genesis Coupe’s in the Canadian Touring Car Championship.

Starting in 2010, Genesis racing has enjoyed a lot of success and we have won races at Mosport, Toronto Indy, GP3R, ICAR, Montreal, and were able to secure the manufacturer’s championship for Hyundai in 2011.

We welcome you to become a fan of the team, and to follow our progress throughout the team’s development.

In 2010 the team ran with the larger 3.8L V6 engines, and because of the success the team experienced, we were pressured by the series to install the smaller 2.0L turbo engine that better fits into the series vision. Despite having to use a laggy 2L turbo for 2011, we experienced more success than 2010, and perhaps some of our competitors regret pushing this regulation change on our team, as it has proven extremely reliable indeed.

About the cars:

These Hyundai Genesis Coupes are nothing like the factory vehicle – they have been extensively modified to be high level touring car competitors. All electronics are custom and built by SG-Motorsport, the engine while internally 100% stock has an aftermarket turbo, custom intercooler and piping, and a custom exhaust system.

The suspension is almost entirely different, with nearly all arms having been custom modified to remove rubber bushings to eliminate compliance in the system, racing dampers with external reservoirs and larger, adjustable sway bars. The brakes have been upgraded to withstand the harsh racing environment, including larger calipers and rotors, as well as Tilton pedal box. The driver has been offset 12 inches behind the factory seating position, to assist with rear weight distribution. To help facilitate this, the cars also feature custom steering columns and digital dash displays, modified shifter columns and custom switch boxes.

Our racecars produce a small amount of downforce through the use of a custom carbon wing, and a carbon front lip to assist with reducing front lift. Finally, the cars benefit from wider wheels and racing slicks.

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