Small little update for everyone. On one of our first “off” weekends of the year as the motorsport season is winding down, I am happy to report we were just about the only ones not at the track last weekend. Bob took the #88 Genesis Coupe to Mosport for the 3hr enduro and faired quite well – having absolutely zero problems. Despite the fact that the car was designed and built to run 30min sprint races. Unfortunately he placed himself in GT3, went a little too fast, and broke out 5 times! An already used set of Conti tires lasted the full three hours and I’m told the grip hardly dropped off at all.

Photo Credit: Racing In Focus

On the 350z end of things – we’ve still got some work left to do on the racecar. We’re finally installing the carbon trunk and lexan rear glass. Because the trunk has basically no stiffness, we need to hard mount the wing to the floor of the vehicle. I am having some wing mounts water jet cut that will slightly protrude through the trunk, and the wing will be removable with pins to open and close the trunk for fueling and shock adjustments.

We’ve been able to remove about 20lbs from the car, not including the reduction that we’re planning to see from the trunk and rear lexan, which should be another 30lbs or so. Hopefully we can find a little bit more weight, and get the car down below 2800lbs dry!

I also just had it on the dyno to make sure the engine was running ok, and it’s currently producing 342whp with the JWT C10 intake cam and C9 exhaust cam, and our new 3.5″ zero weight intake. Then went to put it on the scales and, after not having touched the car for a year, saw not only a perfect cross on the scales, but also when we checked the alignment it was 100% perfect. Didn’t change a thing. Love this car!

Picked up some used Michelin Endurance compound tires from Can-Jam off the GT1 Subaru, so we’ll see if they improve over the Dunlop’s at all. I am told we should find a few tenths, so hopefully that is true!