This car was quite a good time. It’s too bad Dave never ended up running the engine on the track. This fully built K24 running Pro Racing Fuels Mark II made a great deal of power using Kraftwerk’s rotrex based supercharger kit. We did the install and fabbed up custom charge pipes and I then tuned it on the dyno.



The engine tuned great and it never missed a beat. Dave was convinced we could chuck a ton of timing at it, but I would have liked to reduce ignition more at the last 1000rpm – or fit a bypass valve to bleed boost. The problem with this setup (and I am reaching for something to complain about here) is that the boost builds with RPM, and with an extremely high flowing engine like the K24, the engine continues to build not only horsepower but also TORQUE all the way to redline. The problem with having your torque peak at redline is that the car will be pulling its hardest right as you max out the RPM – you won’t want to shift gears! When you do shift – the car feels like a dog, because you’ve gone from 412whp to under 300, even with close ratio gears. This however is not such a big deal for most of the front-wheel-drive market, since putting 412whp down in a 2000lb car is near impossible unless there is zero cornering going on (among other things!)


Regardless the thing was incredible, and I’m very sorry that the car never made it onto the track.

Dave wrote a great story about the whole project on his site Tune2Win, check it out HERE