Daniel’s 370z has always been an awesome track car. But I think when I fell in love with it was when he installed his Kognition wing. It just filled out the back of the car so incredibly well – it makes me want one. This is the same wing we run on 3rd Genesis coupe as well, and it is a fantastically functional and economical fully carbon wing.

We first started tuning Daniels 370z a few years ago – and what is interesting about this car is that it is automatic! Daniel is however now converting the engine to run HR heads to eliminate the variable valve lift and also converting the car to manual gearbox. It is a big project and I can’t wait to get it back on the dyno once the machine is up and running.


This graph is one of many from the last few years. Daniel actually started tuning his own car and has become very involved with the tuning process. Something we really love to see! While yes it means less business for OnPoint, tuning is my passion and I always enjoy seeing people getting into it and trying new things on their car. An update will follow with this car, so stay tuned.