Corwyn’s car is one of those cars that work exceptionally well. Whether it’s a combination of the parts purchased and installed, or if it has something to do with the meticulous attention to detail Corwyn attends to the car I can’t say. But either way it has a totally stock motor and is making huge power considering. The car has an upgraded Blouch turbo, ETS front mount, turbo back exhaust, COBB intake and is otherwise quite stock. Corwyn recently added a meth kit to the car and we added a couple of degrees of timing, but the system is far from being optimized for the meth – mostly for fear of hurting the bottom end with all of the torque we would be able to make. The power is incredibly smooth and the turbo is very responsive. A perfect set-up for any street or track car.

As usual the guys at Touge Tuning did an awesome job on the install of all the parts, and the car has been working flawlessly from the time we street tuned it to date. The question has simply become how greedy do we want to get on the stock engine?

This car will eventually see a built motor at which point it will be interesting to see how much power it’s capable of! You can follow all of Corwyn’s build progress here:

Also check out the video Corwyn sent us below. The car sounds great.


corwyn_WRX_Meth Corwyn_WRX