I am quite proud of the setup on Brandon’s car. Brandon did a good job wiring the Meth system into the Haltech PS1000 in the best way possible – in a manner that allows us to run the car safely on gasoline or meth – with one switch that controls both the meth and boost high/low settings. When the switch is armed the ECU adds duty to the wastegate, adds ignition timing and adjusts the fueling correctly so that the engine puts down a strong 350whp @ 19.5 pounds of boost. With the switch down the ultra conservative gasoline map makes 270whp at wastegate pressure of 14.5psi.

Brandon wanted to have a low power setting that would be safe and fun to drive and a kill mode that would feel drastically different. If you look at the dyno chart below you can clearly see that difference – 80lb-ft of torque and 80whp are gained at the flip of a switch, across the board.

The nice thing about this system is that if the meth system detects low fluid or a fault with the pump it will automatically force the ECU into the low-boost gasoline map, so there is an acceptable level of safety with the system, although obviously not as safe as running race fuel all the time. I only recommend meth injection systems to meticulous owners who are careful to monitor the and test the system before any hard running of the engine.


Brandon’s S13 making strong power with meth injection despite a small turbo and stock exhaust manifold.


The car looks very stock from the outside…


But the engine bay is an entirely different story. Brandon did a great job with the build – very clean and meticulous.