The idea of the boost leak tester came along after I had spent hours upon hours Рon many occasions, trying to find and fix every last tiny boost leak on my S14 racecar to help it spool faster. I realized that the community needed a tool to quickly find boost leaks, that was affordable and easy to use.

The idea was simple, pressurize the charge piping while the engine is off. Any leaks will make themselves quite evident. Our boost leak tester simply installs on any 2, 2.5, or 3″ coupler, and can be used to pressurize the system through a normal schrader valve (same as a tire). Even if the intake valves are open, the system will still pressurize since the exhaust valves will be closed, and the piston rings provide enough of a sealing effort to hold pressure.

Let’s look at why you need a boost leak tester:

Effects of boost leaks and vacuum leaks on engine performance:

  • Delayed turbo spool
  • Compressor must spin faster to produce the same pressure, which equals more heat
  • Dangerously rich and lean conditions when in and out of boost respectively (MAF)
  • Loss of driveability (MAF)
  • Vacuum leaks can totally inhibit the engine from running correctly
  • Loss in power and reliability

The SG-Motorsport Solution

  • Anodized body and 0-35psi liquid filled pressure gauge with SG-Motorsport logo on the face
  • Schrader valve to pressurize the system to detect leaks
  • Will accept 2, 2.5 and 3 inch couplers
  • Also useful for Naturally Aspirated cars to detect vacuum and manifold leaks
The boost leak tester is always available and in stock, come pick one up for $75 any time!