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As the winter is approaching we only have a few more months to get our summer car fun in, so make sure you have a car you can fully enjoy. For the month of September and October we are offering a special on the following services:

  • Corner Balancing + Alignments, Normally $250Now if you mention the SG-Motorsport Newsletter we’ll give you 15% off!
  • UpRev Re-flash + Dyno Tuning for Nissan Products, Normally $750 – Now 15% off when you mention the SG Newsletter and write a review on our site!
  • 350z/G35 Clutch Install – Normally $400, Now $360!
If you haven’t been up to date with what’s happening with us at SG, take a moment to browse the website and read some of our new articles. We just recently capture Hyundai’s first Manufacturer’s Championship in North America, and won our final race at ICAR in Quebec last weekend. We’ve also finished our orange 350z convertible drift car, which you’ve all seen in the shop sitting quietly. Feel free to leave a comment!

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Sasha Anis