Not available anywhere else on the market, SG wanted to approach the task of converting all of the pickup points on the 350z to solid spherical bearings for maximum steering response and the least amount of wheel deflection under load. One of our vendors, SPL Parts, already had the 350z lower control arm bushings done as sphericals, so all that was left was the large compression rod bushing. This rod controls the caster and helps control the wheel under braking, steering and any lateral load as deflection in this bushing will alter caster, toe and camber.

We designed the part with a 10mm spacer to be able to run either at the OE rod height or with it raised into the chassis 10mm, to be used with a re-located lower control arm to alter suspension geometry to aid in camber gain in bump and to possibly alter anti-dive properties.

The compression rod prototype has been completed and tested on our 350z race car with fantastic success along with the SPL solid front suspension components. With our wing and splitter the car is currently producing upwards of 1.7g’s through corner 2 and 4 at Mosport, but more importantly the previously delayed and slightly numb steering feel is all but a distant memory, and has been replaced with instantaneous lightning fast direction changes the instant you touch the wheel. Any input is felt through the seat as a change in direction almost before you even realize you’re steering. The car doesn’t go anywhere on its own unless you tell it to go there with the steering and even minor corrections are felt instantly – the way a racecar SHOULD be.

SG currently has no plans for production of its spherical compression rod bushing and carrier, however we have worked with our sponsor SPL Parts and they have developed their own compression rod bushing – it is currently available through SPL Parts.