This is one of the cleanest street E30’s you’re likely ever to see, built by Usic and team at Total Motor Werkes ( These guys do fantastic BMW work (service, restoration, motorsport builds), and evidence of that was this street E30 M3 with a freshly built motor. These little engines are quite impressive for their time – ITBs, over 100bhp/L, and I’ve witnessed some of these engines over 300whp (mind you that was a racecar, and with higher displacement).

The car was using the Miller War Chip, which is a tool used to re-flash the factory ECU’s EEPROM. While it does a good job of flashing the ECU, it doesn’t provide any logging or tracing functions, so it makes tuning quite difficult. Either way, we got the engine mapped at all partial throttle and wide open loads, and I understand the car to be quite fun to drive!

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