Because SG is closing I thought it would be really nice to get all the guys together that have ever worked for SG and go have a nice dinner. It’s amazing the energy these group of guys can produce. I’m pretty sure that all of us combined could take over the world. If we weren’t so obsessed with cars. You’d be hard pressed to find a better group of young dudes anywhere – Each of them with their own specific attributes that make them incredible workers, and friends.

All these guys worked for SG for what was sadly too short of a time. Some because of school, but most because of money. I could never afford to pay them what they deserved, and no matter how much you love something – you can only afford to do it for so long before reality strikes.

We had a great time at dinner, and it was a good opportunity to thank the guys for working hard and putting their hearts into SG. I’m sorry it never grew into what I dreamed, but I think we all agree that the industry is going downhill and it’s better this way anyhow.