Dyno & Engine Tuning

The idea behind OnPoint came from a very good friend who started a mobile dyno business that he has since set aside for other ventures. While we credit him for doing that, the idea of a mobile dyno service needs to be fulfilled. Rather than towing your car to us, why not let us come to you? If you need a location to dyno at, don’t worry – we work with some great shops around the GTA, like Touge Tuning in Mississauga – where we also keep our AWD dyno pods. Use us once and you’ll see why OnPoint is the dyno service for you. Here’s a little more convincing:

Dyno Tuning


We are knowledgeable, experienced, careful and passionate about tuning. These attributes add up to a tuner that can not only tune what you have to its potential but even before the tuning starts – can identify potential problems and help you work through solutions. This way you tune your car ONCE, and it runs RIGHT! They say never trust a self-proclaimed expert, so we will stop there. Below you will find a list of systems we have experience tuning. Please click the link for the system to read about some of the featured cars we have tuned with that type of system. Please don’t be afraid if you don’t see your system listed below. We are always interested to dive into new platforms. Please contact us for details.

Please see the contact page to inquire about tuning your vehicle, or see our frequently asked questions page to help with any questions or concerns you may have about tuning. Engine control is extremely complicated and there is a lot more than just setting the full throttle fuel and ignition. While my intention is not to instill fear, I would be wary of using the cheapest tuners out there.

You will end up saving money in the end by doing it right, and doing it once – and you’ll enjoy a car that drives better. Cheap tunes usually don’t offer the tuner enough time to properly map out the entire partial throttle region of the tune – the area you spend the most of the time in if it’s a road car!



Dyno Rental


 Dyno rental includes the use of the dyno equipment and an operator. It does not include tuning services (that is additional; please scroll down to learn about our tuning services). Dyno rental can be used if you are doing your own tuning, if you are testing components, if you want to baseline your car or have to get power figures to be classes for a racing series. OnPoint Dyno Rental includes the following services:

  • Loading of a vehicle on Dyno
  • Installation of Wideband O2 sensor assuming that the bung has been loosened and the bung location is accessible with a floor jack. A tailpipe sniffer is an option for vehicles without catalytic converters.
  • Installation of MAP sensor for forced induction cars or when requested.
  • Operation of the machine for the duration of the dyno session.

Mobile Location Requirements For Dyno Rental:

  • Flat concrete pad with 6ft on either side of the vehicle for the dyno pods
  • 20A 120V power
  • Away from the weather. It is possible to dyno outdoors, weather dependent, with a 10x20 tent.


Package-Tune Pricing 

For 2019 we are offering fixed package pricing to help you the customer, have a total picture of what your tune is going to cost before your appointment. We’ve found that this is what you all prefer, so we’ve decided to move in this direction. However, there are some conditions. The flat rate price has a time cap – so if there are mechanical issues that result in the tune going over the time cap, the following hourly prices below will apply in addition to the tune price.


If the tune cannot be completed due to mechanical issues, the minimum dyno rental time for your session will be charged (i.e. if 2 cars are being tuned on this day, and the minimum is 5 hours, then the minimum billed time in this example would be 2.5 hours). Please see our frequently asked questions and policies section for more details on how we handle these kinds of situations.


Click the link on the side to access our current pricing, which we try to keep updated as often as possible – but it is subject to change without notice. Please contact us if you have any questions and to book an appointment. Thank you. 


Time-Based Pricing (For Reference Only)

Services For Shops

While our website is fairly retail-based, the truth is that OnPoint is designed around serving shops. That is our model. We want you, the shop owner, to have a level playing field with competing shops that own a dyno. No one wants to drive or tow a customer’s car to a competitors shop to use their dyno. There is always the risk that the client might jump ship to the competitor, or that the dyno shop might make you look bad. In addition, by traveling to another shop you lose access to all of your tools, equipment, supplies, spare parts… the list goes on. The worst part of it is that you most likely weren’t able to bill for that time getting the client’s car ready to go out the door, tow or drive it to the other shop, waste time talking and setting the car up on the dyno – so running the client’s car on the dyno becomes a big cash loss.

Now the dyno can come to you. You are now a dyno shop. Sell our services as if they are your own. We have no problem with that. We will NEVER steal your clients. And you WILL save a lot of money.

10 Reasons Why OnPoint Mobile Dyno is a great partner for your shop:

  1. We offer NO competing services to your business. We do not install parts, sell parts or work on cars. There is no motivation for OnPoint to court your clients. Our retail dyno pricing is locked and we will never offer a client a side deal to steal a customer away from you. We expect that you will also respect your margins so that we all have a few bucks to buy our wives a gift from time to time. They deserve it!
  2. We offer advice, consulting and help to you as the relationship evolves. This has resulted in us helping a number of our client shops ensure there are no problems before the tuning appointment and give their clients the best possible chance at success when the tuning date comes around.
  3. We come to your business location, providing you with an enhanced image – the image of a dyno shop! Your clients will be impressed.
  4. We save you time. You don’t need to tow a customer’s car around the city (most likely time you won’t be able to bill fairly for).
  5. You can now tune in a familiar environment. You have your tools, spare parts, equipment and supplies all on hand to service the car if required.
  6. You don’t need to stop productivity to go to the dyno. We all know how hard it is to run the shop when a few key people are away. Now you can watch your staff and continue working while the dyno session is underway – we only need assistance loading and unloading the equipment. 
  7. We offer complete confidentiality. While we would love to post on the internet about the cool things you’re up to – if you want us to keep it quiet we have no problem with that at all. You own the files from the dyno and if you desire they can be transferred to your computer with a USB key. We will have none of your dyno session data.
  8. Owning a dyno is extremely expensive, and if you only use it once a week (which is not unrealistic when you consider Canada’s long winters) you will take 20+ years to pay it off (run the numbers, it’s not an exaggeration). How long will that dyno you’re thinking of buying take to bring you positive cash flow? If ever?
  9. OnPoint is professional. Try us once and you will see that everything we do we do with the professionalism of a top-level race team. Your clients will be impressed and they will feel comfortable with their car on our dyno. This will certainly bring your clients back in the future.

Please Contact Us to for the details and to book an appointment. We are very meticulous in considering shops to work with, as they must show a true passion and care for the client’s vehicles. If we feel the shop doesn’t have the adequate knowledge, skills or interest in making the vehicle a success, we will not be able to offer our services. In these kinds of situations, we end up being the crutch that has to support the client and the car because the shop is unwilling or unable. As with retail customers, we have to make sure we’re working with those that can successfully complete what they’ve signed on for. Usually, it’s just a matter of caring. 

Thank you for considering OnPoint dyno as your engine tuning and motorsport electronics provider. We strive to offer the best services possible with timely, efficient and professional service.