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Below you will find our policies for doing business. Most of them are fairly common sense, but we would rather be clear and upfront rather than assume anything. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. This page is subject to change at any time.

Dyno Rental Policies:
  1. Dyno rental time starts from the point the trailer door is opened to unload the equipment, until the time the engine is shut off for the final time. Un-loading of the vehicle is free of charge.
  2. It is required that one person is available to help with loading/unloading the vehicle on the dyno, and loading/unloading the dyno equipment from the trailer. If a helper is not available, we can bring a crew member for an additional $30/hr.
  3. There is a minimum dyno charge of 3 hours, even if the session is completed early.
  4. Dyno time is billed on 15 minute increments, rounded to the closest interval.
  5. The building must have available the following features:
        – Hose bib within 100 feet for sessions longer than 2 hours for dyno cooling
        – 110v 20A power for the dyno system within 100 feet.
  6. If a spare O2 bung is available please have it cracked loose prior to your dyno appointment. Time spent trying to un-seize an O2 port will be billed at the regular dyno rate. A sniffer is available however we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the readings if the car has any exhaust leaks. This method is not suitable for vehicles equipped with catalytic converters.
  7. Vehicles must be setup in such a manner so that the exhaust can be ducted out of the building. We will not tune a vehicle in a space that will fill with carbon monoxide. OnPoint will provide 20 ft of ducting.
  8. Vehicles that run leaded fuels are charged an $80 fee to use the dyno wideband due to the deterioration of the sensor with leaded fuels.
  9. Included with the rental is an operator to run the dyno. You or your tuner are welcome to operate the dyno yourself, under the condition that said person has been trained and is experienced with the Dynapack system. We take no responsibility for damage that results to your vehicle as a result of improper dyno operation. If we operate the dyno we will follow simple instructions and accept no responsibility to inform your tuner of vehicle status. For example we are not responsible for watching manifold pressure, air fuel ratio, water temp. This is the tuners responsibility. The reason for this is to ensure there is a clear understanding of responsibilities during tuning to avoid dangerous assumptions. Please ensure your tuner understands this prior to your session.
  10. There will be no discount or refund if your vehicle has overheating problems on the dyno. We have state of the art fans to help with vehicle cooling, but a radiator fan is still recommended to reduce cool down time.
  11. If at the dyno appointment you realize that you forgot something essential to operate the vehicle, such as your lug nut key, you will be charged for the full 3 hour minimum. However, we will wait on site for the duration of that time if you can get the tool or part that you require. While OnPoint makes an attempt to have lug nuts, bolt-on spacers and wheel lock keys in stock – it is YOUR responsibility to have what you need to remove the wheels. It is YOUR responsibility to let us know if you have unusual lug nuts, or a large wide-body kit that would require large spacers for the dyno adapters BEFORE we arrive with the dyno.
Tuning Policies
  1. The vehicle owner is responsible for providing an up-to-date and accurate vehicle summary sheet (provided) to us no less than 48 hours before the tuning appointment. If the vehicle owner has the tune file and is able to send it before hand, we will review the file free of charge before the appointment.
  2. If the vehicle is heavily modified, we offer a review service: inspecting the engine bay and suggesting possible weak points or areas that are likely to be problematic, both on the dyno and in the future. We highly recommend this service because it’s much cheaper than discovering problems on the dyno.
  3. If the vehicle has been tuned before, a summary of previous tunes, including all previous problems is required to allow us to help discover any underlying issues the vehicle may have.
  4. Retuning is charged at the same original dyno rate. We will not offer a discount for re-tunes. A vehicle consultation is recommended to help reduce the likely hood that a second tuning session will be required.
  5. Street tuning is offered for licensed, insured and street legal and mechanically sound vehicles ONLY.
  6. We take no responsibility for failing to predict that certain components of the vehicle build are not suitable for the target power. If another appointment is required as a result of this discovery, it will be billed at normal rates. If you had already requested our consulting services however, a discount in this instance would be reasonable.
Appointment, Payment & Deposit Policies
  1. OnPoint Dyno Ltd. accepts Cash, PayPal and E-mail money transfer only. Repeat clients may pay via cheque. However if a cheque fails to process, you will be charged a $50 NSF fee, and will no longer be able to pay via cheque.
  2. Deposits are required for all first time clients. Deposits may be made via PayPal or E-mail money transfer. If a deposit is not possible, you will lose the $10/hr deposit discount and will be billed an additional $10/hr at the completion of your dyno session. The purpose of this discount is to encourage clients to provide a deposit, which helps us avoid downtime caused by last minute cancellations.
  3. Deposits are Non-refundable, however you may reschedule your appointment if we are notified at least 5 business days prior to your appointment. Beyond that time, if you want to re-schedule you will have to submit a new $150 deposit. Deposits are non transferable, so if you sell your car or decide you do not require tuning you will forfeit your deposit. The reason for our deposits is simply to ensure a client is serious about our services before we spend time reviewing their VSS, making suggestions and preparing the client’s file.
  4. Payment is required at the time of service completion. Payment MUST be received while OnPoint is still on site. Failure to do so will be charged as a $100 late payment penalty with NO EXCEPTIONS. Please respect this policy, we are not structured to chase clients for payment. We have internet access available if you need to log onto your bank or PayPal to submit the payment.
Release Of Liability:
  1. OnPoint Dyno Ltd. Does not warrant or guarantee the any of its services. Any damage, injury or loss caused by or suspected to be caused by OnPoint Dyno Ltd. is the responsibility of the vehicle owner. The vehicle owner agrees not to hold OnPoint Dyno Ltd. responsible for any damages or loss under any circumstance. All clients are required to sign a release of liability prior to dyno rental or tuning services.
  2. OnPoint Dyno Ltd. Does not offer any warranty on its engine tunes. The end user is responsible to monitor the health of the engine and to inform OnPoint if he/she suspects that the engine may have problems. It only takes a small mechanical or electrical problem to cause an engine to run in a dangerous or damaging state. Poor fuel, ignition problems or other mechanical problems can arise at any time. As a result there is no way OnPoint can warranty a vehicle tune.

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