Who knew such a beatup old racecar could make the cover of one of the most famous sport compact magazines in the world? Well, thanks to Sam Du and the guys at Super Street, Kels is now famous. This was great for us and our sponsors, and the photos that my good friend Jordan Lenssen took are absolutely incredible.

Super Street decided to go a different direction with this article, which I can appreciate as there are only so many ways you can list off the modifications done to a car and still make it sound exciting. Instead the guys at the mag decided to tell my story. The writer, Aaron, dug through the internet and read all about my past, from sites like Ziptied, and our old SG-Motorsport blog. It was really well done and I was kept totally in the dark until I read it for myself in print. It was a pretty cool experience!

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Kels The 350z Racecar Profile