Just a notice to everyone that I (Sasha) will be gone to France from this Wednesday the 17th to September 1st. We’re leaving on Wednesday for a race in Montreal at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve where we are a support race for the
Nascar Nationwide / Grand-Am weekend, and then I fly to France on Friday. We’re going to check out the southern france, Paris and even a little bit of Italy, it should be pretty awesome!

But not to worry! SG is still open, just make your appointments ahead of time as you normally do. Dave will be the man to talk to for appointments – just call or email. The only service that will not be available while I’m gone is Dyno tuning, however alignments, corner balancing, fabrication and general performance parts installation are all no problem. Jesse will be gone with us to Montreal for our CTCC race this Wednesday through Friday, but will be in for the following two weeks with Dave.

Please call or email ahead of time to make an appointment so that we can fit you in while I’m away. I will also have email available to me once a day, please feel free to email me, if I’m in the mood I will respond.