Booking An Appointment:

We are looking forward to booking your dyno session with OnPoint! To book an appointment please email us at

Please be prepared to send us a $250 deposit to secure your appointment via E-Mail Money Transfer.  Appointment times are generally 11:30am and 2pm. Monday through Friday. We do not offer tuning on the weekend generally, and certainly not unless it will be a full day booking. You can view our calendar below to find an open day to propose for tuning.

Deposit Policy: Deposits are non-refundable, however, appointments may be rescheduled if we are given at least 5 business days notice before your session. If you sell your car or decide you do not need tuning you will, unfortunately, forfeit your deposit.

No two cars will tune exactly the same. This means different cars will take different amounts of time on the dyno.  You can imagine tuning a Stage 1 or 2 Subaru STi running a Cobb Accessport would take less time on the dyno compared to a fully built, big single turbo 2JZ VVT-i on a Standalone ECU. We do however have fixed prices for most setups assuming no mechanical issues. These prices are for dyno time only and do not include further support and tuning that may be required down the road.

If you have questions about pricing for your specific vehicle, please send us an email with a completed VSS sheet and all pertinent information so that we can help get you booked in! You can learn more about our policies here, preparing for your dyno tune here, and pricing here.




Please read the rest of our policies here

Please read the following page to prepare for your Dyno appointment here

You can read our FAQ about OnPoint and how a typical Dyno session goes here

You can contact us to book your appointment. Email is best. Thank you!